Range Rules

At On Target Sports (OTS), we want you to really enjoy your shooting experience and will do everything we can to make that happen.  Please know though, that your safety is our number one concern.  We ask that you familiarize yourself with our range rules and regulations. If you have any questions about them, please ask any Range Safety Officer (RSO) or OTS personnel.

  • ALWAYS treat firearms as if they are loaded.  ALWAYS.
  • ALWAYS keep the muzzle (end of the barrel where the bullet exits) pointed downrange (toward the target).
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off of the trigger and outside of the trigger guard until you are pointed at your target and ready to shoot.
  • ONLY shoot at YOUR designated paper/cardboard target.  Anyone observed targeting anything in the range except their specifically designated and allowable target will be immediately and permanently removed from the range. Whether intentionally inflicted or not, you may be held financially liable for any damage caused by you (or a member of your group) to our target carrier equipment, range/store equipment & fixtures, shooting stalls and light fixtures.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO FIREARM HANDLING OR CLEANING IN THE PARKING LOT OR PATIO AREAS.  All firearms brought onto OTS premises MUST be secured in a case, bag or holster until safely inside the shooting range.
  • Use the appropriate size target – placed at eye level – to ensure that your shots strike the backstop and not the floor, ceiling or target holder.
  • All first-time Members, guests and other OTS facility users must participate in the OTS Orientation.
  • Never bring a loaded weapon into or out of the range.  If your gun malfunctions and you are unable to safely correct the problem, place it on the shelf in your booth facing downrange and notify OTS personnel immediately.
  • No firearm handling allowed outside of the shooting booth.
  • Commands issued by OTS personnel must be obeyed immediately and without question.
  • All firearms not on the firing line must be unloaded with their action open.
  • Eye and ear protection are required at times on the range.
  • The use of tracer, armor piercing, incendiary, frangible and steel core or steel or aluminum?cased ammunition is strictly prohibited.  Failure to observe this policy will result in a loss of range privileges.  OTS reserves the right to inspect all ammunition used at our facility.
  • Magazines should be unloaded prior to range check-in.
  • Reloads will be permitted provided they are: a) lead-cored b) brass-cased c) loaded according to commercial manufacturers guidelines for proper propellant charges.
  • No muzzle-loading/black powder firearms allowed.
  • No one other than OTS personnel may go forward of the firing line.
  • Shooters must know and understand all of the operating and safety features of the firearms they are using prior to shooting in the range.
  • No more than 2 shooters per lane.
  • Alcohol or drug use before or while shooting is strictly prohibited. Any person suspected of drug or alcohol use will not be allowed to use the range and may be asked to leave the premises.
  • If a ‘Cease Fire’ command is given, stop shooting IMMEDIATELY and wait for further instructions from OTS personnel.
  • OTS reserves the right to inspect all firearms and ammunition for safety and policy considerations.
  • No drawing from the holster, unless it is a component of an officially sanctioned and supervised range event or training exercise.
  • Double tap or rapid fire shooting practice is allowed, but must be done safely and responsibly.  The shooter’s ability will be observed and continued practice will be at the sole discretion of OTS.
  • Cell phone usage, including texting, is prohibited on the range.  If you must make or receive a call or text, please exit the range before doing so.
  • Shotguns may be used on the range with slugs only.  No pistol grip shotguns.
  • If you have brought more than one firearm, use only one at a time. When finished, case the unloaded firearm and its ammunition before uncasing the next one.  If you wish to engage in tactical, 3-gun type shooting, please consult with OTS personnel before doing so.
  • Children under the age of 12 are prohibited on the range.  Persons under the age of 18, if shooting a long gun, or under 21 if shooting a handgun, must be accompanied by their parent or guardian and supervised at all times.
  • Report any unsafe activity or conditions to OTS personnel immediately.
  • No flash photography is permitted on the range.
  • Food & beverages (except bottled water), chewing gum, smoking and smokeless tobacco are prohibited on the range.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed on the range.
  • Shooters may collect ONLY their own brass and ONLY behind the firing line.  Be aware that we clean the range area regularly, so if you wish to collect your brass, please do so promptly.
  • Always wash your hands immediately after shooting.
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