Laser Shot Simulator Training

On Target Sports is now providing a training experience usually reserved for law enforcement or military units.  The Laser Shot Training System is an advanced computerized, interactive simulator allowing participants engage a multitude of virtual threat scenarios on a high resolution video screen.  This is the exact type of training system currently used around the globe by security forces such as the FBI, Homeland Security, the US State Department and others.  Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, users can test and hone their shooting skills under a variety of situations.  In your half-hour use of the system, you will put your split-second decision-making and shooting skills to the test. See the demo video below.

OTS offers this unique training experience to our customers. Whether you’re trying to train for your job or for personal protection, or you just want to have some fun with the ultimate video game, don’t miss this opportunity.  Sessions will run for 30 minutes (slots start at 10AM and run until 5PM) and the cost is $25.00 per person (max 2 persons at a time).  We can also accommodate groups for all types of occasions.    Call OTS at 301-0700 to reserve your spot.