Class III – NFA Items

OTS is a licensed Class III/NFA weapons and accessories dealer.   We can handle your purchase or transfer and assist in processing your paperwork.   Before purchasing a NFA item from another dealer, please know that OTS has price-competitive access to just about any Class III products on the market.    And an added benefit of purchasing through us is that you’ll be able to shoot/use your NFA item at our facility while you’re awaiting your tax stamp, which can take up to a year.

Class III transfers are $100.00 per item.   If you are using a trust, you MUST bring us 2 SINGLE-sided copies of the trust.   You also need to bring 2 completed fingerprint cards and 2 passport-style photos per responsible person, per NFA item on your Form 1 or 4 submission.    For example, if you have 2 people listed on your trust and you are applying for 2 NFA items, you must bring 4 photos and 4 fingerprint cards – per person.   We know this is crazy, but it’s all ATF, not us.

Click these links to download our FFL and Class III SOT:

OTS Current FFL

OTS 2020-21 SOT Stamp

Also for your convenience, you can download a fillable ATF Form 4 and Responsible Person form by clicking the links below:

ATF Form 4-Fillable

ATF Responsible Person Form-Fillable

If you are seeking to establish an NFA Gun Trust, Florida Carry offers one of the best in the business combined with an executive membership in Florida’s premier grassroots Second Amendment organization.

NFA Gun Trust & Executive Membership for only $100.