How to Use a Silencer Shop Kiosk

Using a Silencer Shop kiosk is an easy way to capture your demographic information and electronic fingerprints for ATF eForms 4. Using the kiosk is the fastest way to integrate your fingerprints into your profile to quickly get your suppressor or other NFA items. 

If you’re wondering “how long is the current wait for a suppressor?”per the ATF eForm 4s are expected to be approved in 90 days and the Silencer Shop kiosk is a tool that will facilitate your submission by capturing electronic fingerprints. eForms submitted by Silencer Shop dealers, and with the kiosk as part of the process, ATF eForms 4s have been approved in as fast as 7 days.

Your visit to the kiosk is the easiest way to capture your information when you’re getting a suppressor, and you could be thinking: can a Silencer Shop kiosk be used for SBRs? Yes, you can tap into the kiosk for any NFA item such as silencers and SBRs. Best of all, your one-time visit to the kiosk is a permanent solution for your current/future NFA items because the information is integrated into your online profile. And, the Silencer Shop kiosk is a superior solution to FD 258 fingerprint cards and the kiosk can be used with no out-of-pocket cost when you purchase your silencer or other NFA item from or a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer.

What is a Silencer Shop Kiosk?

The Silencer Shop kiosk is your resource to capture demographic information and electronic fingerprints for NFA items such as suppressors, short barrel rifles (SBRs), or machine guns.

If you’re getting an NFA item and wondering: does ATF eForm 4 require fingerprints? Yes, when applying for a Form 4 (either paper application or the electronic version, which is an eForm 4) the applicant’s fingerprints are required. The Silencer Shop kiosk scans your fingerprints and a digital file is submitted to the ATF with your application. If you want to get your suppressor quickly, you should utilize the electronic fingerprint scanning at the Silencer Shop kiosk because these digital files can be transmitted nearly instantly to the ATF when your eForm 4 is submitted.  

With one visit to the Silencer Shop kiosk, your information (including your prints) will become a part of your profile and you can tap into these files for future purchases. You do not need to visit the kiosk or scan another set of prints for your next NFA item: after one visit to the Silencer Shop kiosk, you can order your next NFA items from home or when you’re on the go: anywhere that you have a computer or your smartphone.

Silencer Shop Kiosks are located throughout the United States in over 1,800 local gun shops that are Powered By Silencer Shop. Your initial visit to the kiosk can be completed in just five minutes!

How Do I Use The Silencer Shop Kiosk?

You can use the Silencer Shop kiosk easily. Just visit a kiosk near you, bring your identification, and you can be done quickly.

Do you need anything to buy a suppressor? You will need to bring your government issued identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) and if you already registered at, bring the QR code we sent to you via email and text message. If you haven’t registered in advance of your visit, you can easily do so at the suppressor kiosk.

Your visit to the Silencer Shop kiosk will be completed in five simple steps that can be done in as little as five minutes:

  1. Scan your QR code or enter your information (name, email address, etc) on the keyboard 
  2. Scan your fingerprints on the digital pad.
  3. Sign the screen. 
  4. Answer a few demographic questions (height, eye color, etc).
  5. Choose your registration method: Trust, Corporation, or Individual.

You’re done and this information will be a part of your profile and you will not need to visit the kiosk again.

How Much is a Silencer Shop Kiosk?

For most customers that are wondering how much does a Silencer Shop kiosk cost, that amount will be $0. When placing your order at Silencer Shop’s website, or in-person at a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer with a kiosk,  the visit will be $0 . If you haven’t purchased your item on our site or at that location, we recommend that you contact the dealer you’d like to visit in advance. Their fee to use the kiosk is set by that location and it shouldn’t exceed $40 (the same price as the national average price for manual fingerprinting services). 

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